Building the New Data Economy

A decentralized data ecosystem that allows individuals and businesses to have full data control
and the ability to monetize that data

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Data is now a currency controlled by centralized parties. A new economy is needed for the responsible management of data and shift power back.

At the core of this New Data Economy is the Bluzelle decentralised database that manages and stores data through sharding to achieve unprecedented security and scale.

Alongside the database, Bluzelle offers a framework that supports private data control, data syndication and decentralised web infrastructure.

Payments between all parties in the Bluzelle data ecosystem is done via BLZ, the Bluzelle cryptocurrency.


Bluzelle provides a framework on top of the Bluzelle database.

Private Data Control

Permissions system where your data is secured in our database and you choose who gets access and for how long.

Data Syndication

System that allows consumers and businesses to curate their data and sell it through marketplaces with full control.

Decentralized Web Infrastructure

Allowing websites to be stored on a decentralized DB vs a traditional web server and achieving full security.

“Bluzelle is working on what I think is the most practical approach to decentralized databases, building a vital component for the future decentralized internet. ”

Dr. Michael Egorov, encryption expert and CTO NuCypher


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Open-Source Development

Bluzelle supports its open-source community and believes that to achieve a truly robust codebase, it needs to be accessible for viewing, scrutiny and suggested improvements by all like-minded developers worldwide

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BLZ Token

Bluzelle network runs on Bluzelle tokens (BLZ), which storage suppliers earn in return for providing their resources. BLZ tokens were introduced during the Bluzelle ICO in 2018, which allowed the company to raise $19.5M to be used in the decentralized database development.

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Bluzelle Events

Sep 19 , 2018

Consensus Singapore

Consensus Singapore is the leading blockchain and crypto conference globally organized by Coindesk. This is their first edition in Asia. Bluzelle is invited to join the panel discussion "Why Blockchains are Coming to InsurTech".

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Latest Blog post

Sep 3 , 2018

End of August Bluzelle DB Development Update

Welcome to my end-of-August update on the development of the Bluzelle DB. With the Lovelace testnet now having been public for two full months, it is exciting to start to see projects arise, that are using the database.

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