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Bluzelle decentralizes application data by storing shards on a network of nodes, grouped into swarms

Bluzelle’s open-source, decentralized database protocol makes it more efficient for blockchain products to manage their data while shifting control away from central sources, including:

  • Safe and secure data storage through automated sharding and distribution
  • Infinite scale through a decentralized network of swarms and nodes
  • Dynamic performance that can adjust node request time on the fly


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App Developers

Bluzelle is the first decentralized, open-source and on-demand database service for apps that incorporates the best principles behind blockchain where they can tap into low cost, high security and near infinite scale.

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Blockchain Platforms

Bluzelle adds value to blockchain platforms through a built-in database storage layer that can scale with future users, adheres to increasingly strict data standards, and disperses power structures

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Storage Suppliers

Coming in a future release, hardware owners can earn BLZ tokens by supplying storage capacity to the Bluzelle network; becoming nodes inside a swarm that complete the shared economy behind the database protocol.

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“Bluzelle is working on what I think is the most practical approach to decentralized databases, building a vital component for the future decentralized internet. ”

Dr. Michael Egorov, encryption expert and CTO NuCypher


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Open-Source Development

Bluzelle supports its open-source community and believes that to achieve a truly robust codebase, it needs to be accessible for viewing, scrutiny and suggested improvements by all like-minded developers worldwide

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BLZ Token

Bluzelle network runs on Bluzelle tokens (BLZ), which storage suppliers earn in return for providing their resources. BLZ tokens were introduced during the Bluzelle ICO in 2018, which allowed the company to raise $19.5M to be used in the decentralized database development.

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upcoming event

Jun 22 , 2018

Bluzelle Kuala Lumpur Meetup at NEM Blockchain Centre

Recoginized by the top ICO sites as one of the best blockchain projects for 2018, Bluzelle is hosting it's first meetup in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia at the NEM Blockchain Center! Bluzelle is working with exciting blockchain projects like NEO, Ethereum, Zilliqa, 0x and has worked with enterprises including Maybank, HSBC, OCBC, AIA.

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latest blog post

Jun 7 , 2018

Bluzelle Poaches Key Evangelists from MySQL and MariaDB To Build Database Developer Community

Today we’re happy to announce that Daniel Saito and Colin Charles have joined the Bluzelle through their company Redrobot. If you are familiar with the global database products MySQL and MariaDB — well Daniel and Colin were responsible for building out the development communities for both.

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