The Distributed Open Source Database Service

Bluzelle is for Serverless and Distributed Applications


Bluzelle dramatically lowers the time and cost to have data where and when it is fastest for applications.

• Stand up databases in many locations in minutes
• Scale automatically around the world to 100s of locations
• Multi and Hybrid Cloud support to put data near applications

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Smart Data at the Edge with Bluzelle

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Bluzelle is designed for the most innovative industries


Serverless Apps

Serverless applications benefit from instant scaling, faster programming and simple deployment. Modern databases aren't built for that. Bluzelle is a serverless database for serverless apps.



Blockchains are a bad place to store large amounts of data. Off-chain data for blockchains and their blockchain applications are best managed on a decentralized database.


Gaming & Media

Users of games and streaming media are now global and latency issues can cause drop-off. Bluzelle gives multi-region support out the box ensuring high performance.

“Bluzelle is working on what I think is the most practical approach to decentralized data storage, building a vital component for the future decentralized internet. ”

Dr. Michael Egorov, encryption expert and CTO NuCypher

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