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Dec 17 , 2018

Bluzelle Use Case III: Murmur dApp

Building a new age, open, censorship-resistant and community driven and community-benefitting decentralized social media platform

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Dec 7 , 2018

Bluzelle Now Available on Heroku-Salesforce

The beta version of Bluzelle is able to draw new developers from one of the biggest developer platforms in the market.

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Dec 4 , 2018

End of November Development Update

It is now the end of November and the Bernoulli release is starting to really shine! I hope everyone has had a terrific November and had a chance to try out the interim new version of our testnet that was released in November.

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Nov 8 , 2018

Bluzelle Use Case II: Driving Blockchain Adoption via Portal Network & Bluzelle

Earlier this week, we released a strategic partnership announcement with Portal Network. Today, we would like to walk through our use case and demonstrate how Portal Network and Bluzelle are working together to drive blockchain adoption for both tech and non-tech users.

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