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Feb 19 , 2019

Blockchain: The future of the internet? Featured interview on Westpac IQ with Bluzelle CEO Pavel Bains

Bluzelle Networks CEO Pavel Bains explains how blockchain is transforming the internet and financial institutions in a thought-provoking video interview with Reuters Plus correspondent Anita Kapoor for Westpac IQ. An edited transcript of the interview follows.​​

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Feb 8 , 2019

Bluzelle DB End of January Development Update

Happy New Year, and welcome to my first update of 2019!

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Jan 29 , 2019

How Does Bluzelle Help You With GDPR Compliance?

Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) kicks in on May 25 2018. Most readers should have already heard about it in the news, or seen mention of it in their email inbox, as companies worldwide scramble to be compliant with strict new laws that have an impact not just in Europe but worldwide.

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Jan 18 , 2019

Why Facebook, Google, and Twitter need to behave like banks

When we use products from Facebook, Google, and Twitter, we think they are free. Facebook still says on its home page that it is free and always will be. But we do pay for these services; we are just doing so with our personal data. Data has now become a currency.

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