Oct 17 , 2018

Bluzelle Use Case I: Quadrant Preserves Data Integrity via Bluzelle

In Bluzelle, we always believe that adoption is the most key component for a new tech to thrive. We focus not only on building a solid tech, but also acquiring new users to drive adoption. We are pleased to see many integrations with our partners come through successfully behind-the-scene since our Lovelace launch.
By Nitin Cunha

Quadrant protocol, a blockchain-based protocol that enables the access, creation, and distribution of data products and services with authenticity and provenance at its core, is one of the earliest projects integrating with Bluzelle. We announced a partnership back in Apr and both teams have worked hard to integrate our tech since then.

This blog will walk through Bluzelle’s use case with Quadrant.

Importance of data integrity

Data is a valuable commodity that has recently been compared to oil. Just like with oil, when each individual creates their own unique blend of data, it’s imperative to protect it from hijacking, malicious modification or imitation. Transcripts to courtroom proceedings, financial transaction data or even summaries of your online behaviour, are all sensitive to tampering and influence, therefore Quadrant has stepped in and built a solution to ensure that the integrity of data is preserved from conception through to it’s ultimate destination.

Quadrant conceived a process to stamp the fingerprint of the original data into the blockchain, therefore allowing anybody with access to the blockchain to verify a piece of data by comparing it to the original stamp on the blockchain. Quadrant sought to verify the critical path for utilizing Bluzelle as an off-chain storage solution for data assets that were verified for integrity by Quadrant.

Architecture in high level

The architecture and approach of the demonstration are simple but the underlying implementation is pretty complex — as is any implementation bridging traditional world technology and blockchain.

The Demo

We have provided a video below to demonstrate how Quadrant is working with Bluzelle. It will go through multiple steps:

  • Quadrant authors a piece of data, takes a fingerprint of the data, stamps it to the blockchain
  • Quadrant uploads the data to Bluzelle
  • Quadrant identifies a customer to receive the data then pushes the data from Bluzelle to the customer
  • The customer then pulls down the fingerprint and verifies the integrity of the data.

Bluzelle provided a solid backend resource to Quadrant because Quadrant required an uncensorable and scalable storage solution — Quadrant couldn’t take the chance on storing data in locations that could be compromised, e.g. political or governmental pressure and intervention. Furthermore Quadrant sought to provide a solution that forms the roadways for data to move today, but as it gains more clients, the roadways will become global highways and highly complicated webs — stretching the capabilities of traditional cloud providers and ultimately passing on greater costs back to Quadrant. Bluzelle squarely met both requirements as well as allowed others to be rewarded for lending their storage to this solution.

The Impact

This solution for data asset verification is 100% decentralized with no reliance on cloud solutions. We have demonstrated with a working example that it’s possible to think and execute data verification completely away from traditional centralized sources.

Look to see more innovation occur as industries take notice of Quadrant’s intriguing technology and leverage it in more creative ways, and by extension more organizations will realize the potential savings and safety in having their data stored in Bluzelle’s decentralized database.

More Resources

Download Bluzelle x Quadrant Use Case Summary

Download Demo Slides

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