Dec 17 , 2018

Bluzelle Use Case III: Murmur dApp

Building a new age, open, censorship-resistant and community driven and community-benefitting decentralized social media platform
By Nitin Cunha

Murmur is a new age, open, censorship-resistant and community driven and community-benefitting decentralized social media platform.

In its search for uncensorable and scalable storage solutions to advance its goals of being an open and fully decentralized social networking ecosystem, Murmur adopted Bluzelle’s solid backend resource to enforce an unexpurgate-able content and communication universe that would be resistant to the intervention of political and other government bodies.

Additionally, Murmur is aiming to establish data superhighways that will allow large streams of content and other user-generated data to move fast, easily and unhinged — stretching, therefore, the capabilities of traditional cloud storage solutions — but in a way that passes the cost back to Murmur and not the user.

With Bluzelle’s support, Murmur is making headways in enabling a robust decentralized social media network, having met both of the Dapp’s requirements effectively and allowing others to be rewarded for lending storage solutions to meet these challenging requirements.

The Demo

We have provided a video below to demonstrate how Murmur is working with Bluzelle. It will go through multiple steps:

  • Murmur authors a piece of data using the function ‘set_profile’, takes a fingerprint of the data, stamps it to the blockchain
  • Murmur uploads the user profile data to Bluzelle
  • Murmur identifies a user to receive the data then pushes the data from Bluzelle to the user
  • The user then pulls down the fingerprint using the function ‘get_profile’ and verifies the integrity of the data.

Find out more about Murmur

Nitin Cunha
Director of Developer Relations
Published Dec 17 , 2018

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