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Nov 2 , 2018

End of October Bluzelle DB Development Update

Welcome to my end-of-October update on the development efforts at Bluzelle, and hope everyone had a fun Halloween! With two months to go for Bernoulli, the Bluzelle team is working hard and marching ahead toward our goals as outlined in past months.

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Oct 31 , 2018

Bluzelle Adds Two New Engineers to the Team

I am proud to announce the hiring of two new engineers. Both Paul and Matt come with the level of experience, excitement, and passion that brings even more star power to our Bluzelle development team.

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Oct 2 , 2018

End of September Bluzelle DB Development Update

We are now half way through our development cycle for Bernoulli, with three months left to go before the end of the year and the release. It has been a very exciting September as we saw several important developments ranging from our new partnerships to the adoption of our popular Gitter community channel, which replaced our Slack channel during the summer.

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Sep 3 , 2018

End of August Bluzelle DB Development Update

Welcome to my end-of-August update on the development of the Bluzelle DB. With the Lovelace testnet now having been public for two full months, it is exciting to start to see projects arise, that are using the database.

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