Mar 9 , 2018

Does Bluzelle expose my computer to greater risk?

Bluzelle is an open-source project and hires top cybersecurity experts to make sure your computer is safe
By Nitin Cunha

Bluzelle’s Decentralized Database solution is meant to reward anybody that hosts and provides access to Bluzelle’s data on their local machine. If you’re not using the empty space then there’s no need to let it sit idle, plus today’s computers come standard with large capacity hard drives that provide far more storage than the average person utilizes. But how safe is your computer once it’s running Bluzelle code and hosting foreign data?

The onus would be on you to figure it out yourself. You could install it and then watch it intently, looking for any cues that suggest malicious activity — though you’d have to also watch it while you’re at work which unfortunately cuts into your livelihood. You could hire a software security firm to evaluate it and regularly update you while you’re running it — though the expense may have push out that vacation another year or two. But you’re just interested in making money, not spending it, so neither of these really work.

In a recent webinar, Bluzelle’s CTO, Neeraj Murarka, addressed these concerns around safety by highlighting aspects of how Bluzelle works:

  1. The code is open source software — anybody can look at it and ask questions
  2. We hired security/cryptography specialists to review it
  3. One of the advisors to our Decentralized Database is co-founder of the Free Software Foundation — an organization all about transparency and integrity of code

So you can put away your network monitor, cancel the call-out to the pack of security consultants and rest easy going about your regular day to day knowing that while you’re working, your machine is working for you, and while you’re not working, the mojitos start to arrive more frequently.

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