Feb 23 , 2018

Managing stored data load is like building a sand castle

Bluzelle increases storage capacity by adding nodes based on demand
By Nitin Cunha

Building a sand castle is kind of a must-do thing if you’re at the beach — if you don’t do it, you’re just passing through. As a kid I loved building sand castles at the beach. I had a whole program of how shells should be used for decoration as well as tools, I picked out the buckets with the coolest formed bottoms that would become the castle turrets and I brought a myriad of shovels. Shovels is where everybody goes wrong — they get one shovel and start digging, next thing they’re frantically reassessing and thinking they need a bucket to dig more sand, or at the end they want a spoon to take just a little sand.

With the Decentralized Database, people wonder how Bluzelle can keep up with the load — how does it make each node take more data and stress everything out, but like those folks who go to the beach with one shovel, that’s where they go wrong.

Bluzelle takes data and breaks it up into shards, or, a swarm, then it takes each shard and replicates that shard into it’s own swarm, thereby creating a swarm of swarms.

As Bluzelle’s CTO, Neeraj Murarka points out in the above clip, when the data storage requirements increase, the network increases the size and number of the swarms. When there is a decrease in data storage requirement then the swarms are decreased in size and number. Furthermore, as the storage costs rise, so will the rewards for storage and therefore so will the number of nodes that want to participate. To keep participation active, Bluzelle allows nodes to join multiple swarms if they meet the minimal requirements for healthy participation.

Adjusting number of swarms and swarm populations to dynamically handle changing storage demands in a Decentralized Database solution — like a day at the beach for Bluzelle.

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