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After a $19.5M ICO, BLZ Tokens, which power the Bluzelle database, are ready to trade.

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Token Details

$19.5M Successful ICO

Four months later we released Lovelace, our first usable release of the database. BLZ tokens used to power the secure network are available on leading exchanges now.

Target fund raised

$19.5M USD

Total token supply


Number sold in token sale


Percentage sold in token sale


Initial token price


Token sale date

January 18, 2018

White Paper

Explore every Bluzelle token detail with our white paper


Learn how the BLZ token is distributed and used


Token distribution

  • Public

  • Reserved for future use

  • Founding team

  • Early backers, advisors and 2016 initial investor & strategic partner

  • Developer and community growth fund


Use of funds

  • Research & Development

  • Sales and Marketing

  • Network Costs

  • Operations

  • Accounting, Legal, Compliance

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