Welcome to the Layer ONE for the Creator Economy

From A.I. to SocialFi to GameFi and more, Bluzelle provides cutting-edge solutions to store, sell, and safeguard content.

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Bluzelle Chain is an advanced blockchain technology, boasting 10,000 TPS and seamless interoperability with Cosmos Chains. In addition to robust security, it offers efficient data storage and management, making it an ideal choice for businesses and developers embracing the future of blockchain technology.


Bluzelle offers true decentralized storage that is censorship resistant, reliable and redundant. Running on top of the IPFS network, Bluzelle gives your files, data, and NFTs the security it needs by being availble anywhere, anytime without the threat of being offline.


By leveraging our decentralized storage system, Bluzelle gives gamers and game developers the type of NFT marketplace they deserve. Your NFTs and Game Assets can be minted and stored securely in one place with speed and elegance.


The BLZ token is a versatile digital asset that fuels the Bluzelle ecosystem. Users can utilize BLZ tokens to pay for network transactions, access BluzelleDB and Oracle services, and enjoy a seamless experience. Additionally, holders can stake their tokens to earn rewards, as well as actively participate in network governance, giving them a say in the platform's future development and direction.


A GameFi chain is truly great with exciting games to play. Bluzelle publishes and develops games in-house that take advantage of what our chain offers: speed, NFTs, storage, and defi. Players can seamlessly swap their game tokens and assets across the Cosmos ecosystem. The sci-fi  Card Strategy RPG, GAMMA 4, is Bluzelle's first release.

Decentralized storage layer

R2 is Bluzelle's decentralized storage solution, enhancing IPFS with improved performance and reliability. It allows for secure and efficient storage and retrieval of data, making it suitable for various applications, from personal to enterprise-level.

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Capella NFT Marketplace

Capella, a Cosmos-based NFT marketplace, caters specifically to the gaming community. Providing top-notch security and interoperability with other tokens, it offers a seamless and trustworthy environment for trading and collecting NFTs.

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Bluzelle's validator network serves as the backbone of the platform, ensuring security and decentralization. Validators collaborate on transaction confirmations and data integrity, contributing to a robust infrastructure.


Keplr is a versatile crypto wallet designed to securely store BLZ and other digital assets. With its user-friendly interface and advanced security features, Keplr provides a seamless experience for managing and transacting BLZ tokens.


The block explorer is an essential tool for monitoring and analyzing blockchain activity. It offers users a comprehensive view of transactions, addresses, and other relevant data within the network.