The Core of Bluzelle

We are a passionate team with a diverse background in gaming, computer science, AI, blockchain, security and computer networking.


Pavel Bains


Pavel has over 15 years experience in operational management, digital technology and finance. He co-founded Storypanda, a digital book platform that published critically acclaimed titles by DreamWorks, Warner Bros and more. Pavel held GM and CFO roles for video game studios, including looking after 7 Disney studios across four continents, 350 people and $150M budgets.

Neeraj Murarka


Neeraj is an engineer and computer systems architect with over 20 years experience, having worked for Google, IBM, Hewlett Packard, Lufthansa and Thales Avionics. His projects included modified Android OS for retail markets, multicast UDP satellite-based systems, and design and development of secure and FFA-approved systems for Airbus and Boeing. Neeraj was the fourth employee of an acquired blockchain startup Zero Block.


Bluzelle is guided by our advisors who contributed to Facebook, PayPal, LinkedIn, Ethereum and more with expertise in open-source software, cyber-security and databases.

Prashant Malik

Database Advisor

Ex-Facebook. Co-Creator of Apache Cassandra

"Bluzelle's technology is a game changer, as it’s attacking the problem at its root bysimplifyingthe complex administration of clustered data storage solutions."

Brian Fox

Open-Source Advisor

CTO of Orchid. Creator of GNU Bash

"Bluzelle's decentralized database and open-source plan fits perfectly with my world vision — a decentralized internet for everyone."

Gil Penchina

Business Advisor

Ex-eBay. Leads the biggest AngelList syndicate.

"Bluzelle has a highly talented technical team solving real problems that the distributed planetary computing network will need to scale."

Ryan Fugger


Original Creator of Ripple

"Ryan Fugger, the original creator of Ripple who designed and implemented a multi-hop payment network into several online communities. It was then sold to Chris Larsen and Jed McCaleb who implemented the concept on top of their consensus ledger transaction system."

Michael Egorov


Former Linkedin Engineer, CTO of NuCypher

"Bluzelle is working on what I think is the most practical approach to decentralized databases, building a vital component for the future decentralized internet."

Lionello Lunesu


Co-Founder of Enuma Technologies

"Enuma Technologies is a blockchain engineering services firm. They are experts in creation of full-stack prototypes, and developing specialized hardware and software for integration with existing infrastructure."

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